Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. (RROI) is a global leader in custom optics and coatings. For over 22 year’s we’ve produced superior quality products with fast turnaround times, at the most competitive pricing.

Technical Capabilities

Materials BK7, Fused Silica, ZEORDUR®, CaF2, MgF2, SF series, SK series Fused Quartz, ZnSe, Germanium, Silicon, and more
Diameter 3.0 mm – 20.0 in
Diameter Tolerance +/- 0.001 in
Thickness (minimum) 0.020 in
Thickness Tolerance +/- 0.001 in
Scratch-Dig 10-5
Irregularity λ/10 – λ/20 @ 633 nm
Wedge 1 arcsec
Centering Error < 30 arcsec
Coating UV, Visible, Near IR, SWIR, Far IR, Metallic, Polarizing, and more


UV 193 nm – 360 nm
VIS 360 nm – 740 nm
NIR 740 nm – 3 µm
FAR IR 3 µm – 14 µm


Production Capability to produce optics from prototype to multiple production quantities. 
Test Plates, Grinding Tools Hundreds of test plates and tools available, including custom made. 
Test-plate inventory
Grinding Tool Inventory
Fabrication Cutting and curve generating.
Assembly Assembly of military and commercial optics.
Quality Assurance Measurement of optical parts with the state-of-the-art instruments.
Coating Custom and pre-made coatings from UV to FAR IR. 
Machine Shop In-house manufacturing of all tools and jigs required by production line Reducing the lead-time and customer price.
Assembly Mechanical interfacing between optical elements, mounted and un-mounted.

Production Categories

Optical Products Manufacturing Coating
Lenses Cutting Single Layer MgF2 AR
Windows Edging Laser Line Multi-Layer V
Mirrors Shaping Broadband Multi-Layer
Prisms Grinding Dual Wavelength V-type
Beamsplitters Polishing Triple Wavelength V-type
Polarizers Tool Machining Narrowband High Reflection
Optical Filters Custom Prototype Broadband High Reflection
Multi Lens Assemblies Mass Production Partial Reflective
 Custom Prototype   Hot/ Cold Mirror
Optical Substrates   Short & Long Wave Pass Filter
    Broadband Non-Polarizing

Optical Assembly

Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. (RROI) offers optical assembly for customers requiring a more robust mechanical interface between optical elements. Some Optical Assemblies also act as a relay within a larger optical system. These relay systems are often referred to as opto-mechanical sub-assemblies.

RROI adheres to strict fabrication, coating, test, and assembly controls as part of its ISO 9001:2015program. Optical and mechanical tolerances are reviewed with an eye toward the overall performance of the finished optical system. Thermal, mechanical, and light flux factors are given due consideration in the system design review.

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